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Mexican Rock Climbing Guidebook. Mexico Central and South.

SKU 978-84-616-2860-5
The Mexican Rock Climbing Guidebook. Vol 2. Central and Southern Mexico.

Author: Oriol Anglada
Printed in color throughout
Published: As de Guía
ISBN: 978-84-616-2860-5
Pages: 450
Format: 17 x 23 cm
First edition: April 2013

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Volume 2 of an encyclopedic two-volume series covering climbing in Mexico. This volume focuses on central and southern Mexico, covering 86 climbing and bouldering areas in 16 states. Areas include: Chontacoatlan, Jilotepec, Mineral del Chico, El Diente, and Pena de Bernal. Written in Spanish and English, and packed with color photographs, this 428-page book showcases the incredible climbing — and climbing potential — in Mexico.