Guidebooks & Digital Media for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Wolverine Publishing publishes and sells guidebooks, coffee table books, and digital media for outdoor enthusiasts. Our current titles cover rock climbing, bouldering, cycling, kayaking and rafting, skiing and snowboarding, horse riding, and parenting.

Wolverine Publishing was founded in 2002 by Dave Pegg, a former Senior Associate Editor of Climbing Magazine. The company is named in honor of a wolverine seen by Dave and his wife, Fiona, while they were building their first house in the backwoods of Western Colorado. The first book Wolverine published was Western Sloper — a guidebook to the rock climbing in Rifle Mountain Park and Western Colorado.

Today Wolverine Publishing has published over 20 titles (and distributes many more) and earned a reputation for producing high-quality color guidebooks and coffee table books for outdoor enthusiasts.

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