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Snow and Spire - North Cascades in Winter

SKU 978-0-9826154-7-8
Snow and Spire. North Cascades winter mountain photography.

By John Scurlock

192 pages. Hardcover. Large Format 12"x12". Published November 2011.
ISBN: 978-0-9826154-7-8

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This hard-cover coffee-table book showcases photographs taken from the cockpit of John Scurlock’s home-built airplane, a Van’s Aircraft RV-6. In 2002, John embarked on a nine-year quest to fly to and photograph every corner of the North Cascade Range in winter. The images he captured provide a breathtaking vision of one of America’s most magnificent mountain ranges in its most beautiful, dramatic, and savage season.

"“The North Cascades are 11,000 square miles of nearly impenetrable mountains. They are America’s last redoubt of true adventure. Cut with few roads and even fewer towns, and guarded by 700 glaciers and horrendous weather, the rugged North Cascades remain relatively unknown to most climbers. In winter, when the range is buried beneath up to 50 feet of snow, it is seen by even fewer still. Here, in this remarkable book of aerial photographs, John Scurlock conveys the majesty and mystery of this incredible range that for the rest of us would otherwise go as unseen as the dark side of the moon.”

— Duane Raleigh, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Rock and Ice Magazine